Responsible for implementation of People Development and Engagement strategy on the local level (120-300 employees):

  • Organized a management development center for more than 50 potential leaders from the company (assessment center, feedback sessions, personal development plan and training sessions).
  • Organized various internal events to increase employee engagement.
  • Providing an advocacy/consulting role for managers and employees on the subject of recruitment plans and activities, benefits, employment law, succession planning and performance rewarding and issues.
  • Conceptualizing, improving and implementing all people development activities, i.e. onboarding, training, employee satisfaction, succession planning.

Leading the Recruitment team (5 team members).

  • Responsible for the entire recruitment process in the local office.
  • Personally hired more than 200 software engineers, making the company one of the biggest software development firms in the region.
  • Created all the recruitment metrics, resulting in better strategic alignment of the recruitment efforts.
  • While still holding this position, also coordinated a 9 months project of integration and changes in talent acquisition and talent management processes as a result of the international merger.
Sanja Halilkanovic
Organizational Development Professional

My professional interests include organizational change, people development and cross-cultural psychology.