Responsible for establishing a sustainable HR function in the company through introduction of various organizational processes that would also promote company values and strengthen the company culture. Examples include:

  • Established a modern and fair recruitment and selection process. On-boarded new technical interviewers, introduced comprehensive feedback for the candidates in all stages and resolved existing bottlenecks in the process, resulting in a faster and more agile system. Within the first year, shortened time-to-hire from 6 to 1.5 months. Increased employee referral percentage from 30% to 60%.
  • Established a whole range of activities to improve on-boarding process for expats (e.g. manuals, training, feedback, etc.) resulting in a more transparent communication flow and ultimately a better integration of expats in Germany. Documented the whole process with more than 50 Confluence pages.
  • Introduced People Manager role as a way to scale the company, increase employee satisfaction, offer promotion opportunity and increase transparency. Identified 8 new leaders, trained and supported their entry into People Manager roles.
  • As a member of a cross-functional team, led a project of developing a complete career development process for 4 different company domains (Engineering, Design, Product Ownership, Back Office), along with creating new roles, identifying competencies, assessment sheets, setting goals, and introducing coaching method in the process. All of this resulted with an increase in employee engagement, promoted personal accountability and decision making with employees. Defined levels, competencies, responsibilities and development paths for 48 new roles.
  • Conception and facilitation of various internal workshops and training sessions for People Managers and employees, resulting in more visible and available support for personal development. Within the first year increased hours of learning from 18 to 30+.
  • Established regular feedback sessions, as well as frequent pulse surveys focused on employee well-being. Also introduced employee surveys in other domains, to increase employee participation in decision making.
  • Introduced various recurring internal events to increase employee engagement & management transparency.
  • In charge of introducing, tracking and handling all aspects of performance management.
Sanja Halilkanovic
Organizational Development Professional

My professional interests include organizational change, people development and cross-cultural psychology.